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Cold Chain Logistics, the new highland for industry development
- Sep 21, 2016 -


With the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, people pay more attention to food safety and  healthy care. Cold chain logistics industry trends its way higher than before.

Cold chain logistics refers to the frozen food is kept in  the low temperature environment during process of production, storage, transportation, sales and before consuming. That is a systematic project to ensure food quality and reduce food wastage.

The range of application of cold chain logistics includes:
Primary agricultural products: vegetables, fruits; meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic foods, flower products.
Processed food: frozen food, the poultry, meat, aquatic foods and so on
Packaging Cooked: ice cream, dairy products, chocolate, fast food raw materials.
Specialties: Drugs.
So it is higher requirement than the room temperature logistics system.


      Refrigeration Warehouse                                           Truck with refrigeration container

As the feature of low temperature operation for cold chain logistics, the investment cost is very high to build  a cold chain logistics center separately and payback period is long. But all the cold chain logistics center have same characteristics, the whole industry should be combined together to set up and share cold chain logistics center and the distribution center to save social resource.

Therefore, the ONE distribution will be the main direction of future development for cold chain logistics industry. The way has appeared in some developed countries such as U.S , Japan. It's really valuable to improve the efficiency of logistics operations and to reduce running costs. In the same time, it's helpful raising vehicle loading rage and saving space utilization and human resources, to achieve better life quality by integrating the cold chain business logistics environment.