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Development of high shelf storage
- Dec 16, 2016 -

High shelf storage of broader, so-called automated rack warehouse refers to a high shelf storage, with laneway crane 

with the surrounding other loading and unloading systems for accessing storage operations and overall management and 

control of automated warehouses by the computer. Japan called "warehouse" or "top warehouse automatically." Europe, 

it is called "automatic access system", referred to as AS/RS.

First high shelf storage in 1959, the United States, 8.5 meters high, use a laneway crane driver's operation. 1962 

West German control technology applied to computer rack, built the first automated warehouses. Because of its many 

obvious advantages, industrial countries to develop, particularly in Japan. In 1965 after building the first warehouse, 

the average annual rate of around 200 seats, large scale construction.

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