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Drive-in racking
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Although we already know how to use the drive-in rack can help enterprises increase economic efficiency, however this was not enough, we need to pay attention to is how best to use the drive-in racking, to maximize the economic benefits embodied.

Better used drive-in rack is in need of attention, in the design of a new warehouse, or to transform an existing warehouse, then it is necessary to study on the review of the system in the warehouse, drive-in rack, for example you can achieve maximum storage in minimum space, then you can choose this economic logistic solutions.

While working in the drive-in racking, loading and unloading from the side, so you can effectively improve the time efficiency.

Drive-in rack, is not to channel segmentation, continuity of the entire shelf, on the support Rails (Niu Tuiliang), pallet storage in the depth direction, a commencement of a, which makes it possible for high density storage. Drive-in racks suitable for variety, a large number of goods stored, often used to store a large quantity of goods of the same type, the space utilization is high, suitable for the food industry, chemical industry, garment industry, higher costs for cold storage, such as storage space and site storage costs are relatively low.

Through type shelf by take goods direction can is divided into one-way and two-way arranged, one-way (by wall regional) shelf total depth best control in 6 a tray depth within, two-way (Middle regional can on both sides take goods) shelf regional total depth best control in 12 a tray depth within, to improve forklift access of efficiency and reliability (this class shelf system in the, forklift for continued "banner high playing" job way, forklift easy shaking and hit shelf, so stability of consider full or not vital). Stability of this type of storage system is weak, the shelve should not be too high, should normally be controlled within 10 metres, and in order to strengthen the stability of the whole system, apart from the specifications, the selection was great, and also subject to the securing devices. Ask only the goods should not be too big, too heavy, usually weight control in 1500KG, the pallets span not greater than 1.5 m. Often before moving type storage battery forklift truck or forklift truck balance storage battery forklift truck.

Drive-in rack dense stored goods, demanding stability, shelf accessories needed more by accessories connected to the shelf post, so that goods can be safely stored in intensively Corbel beam, maximum use of space. Drove into type shelf of accessories including: cattle leg (Niu Tuiliang and shelf column of main connection pieces, points single and double), and Niu Tuiliang (goods store of main supports put layer), and top beam (shelf column of connection solid pieces), and top pulled (shelf column of connection solid pieces), and back pulled (shelf column of connection solid pieces, for shelf one-way arrangement Shi), and nursing feet (shelf positive protection pieces), and nursing rail (forklift into roadway Shi shelf protection pieces).