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How to design and make frozen storage rack system
- Oct 11, 2016 -

How to design and make refrigerated storage rack system


1. Choose the appropriate steel material

Low temperature environment has specific requirement on the steel, it should have good toughness and ductility in the  low temperature condition to avoid brittle damage. The comon steel that be made for rack is steel Q235, which contains  Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, Q235D, Q235E. These different types performs different impact ability in low temperature environment. Type A doesn't accept impact, type B is available for temperature above 20 , type C is above 0 , type D is above -20 and type E is above -40 .


The second points is  the different content of trace elements in the steel, see Table 1.


From type A to D the quality grade is getting higher and higher in low temperature. In generally,  Q235D is selected as the main steel materials for cold storage racking system.

2. Select the appropriate racking system

It's not exaggeration to say that 'inch land bars gold' for frozen storage warehouse, so it's very important to  select a right racking system for the warehouse. Making the maximum space utilization is the key consideration for design work. Below racking systems are frequently type of racking that be used for refrigeration warehouse.

Building warehouse construture and racking system together is the best way, warehouse roof and side walls are directly fixed on to rack shelvings. With highest space utilization and highest return during long-term, and the highest technology should be required.

Shuttle car pallet rackings system. This is a complete high-density storage system consisting of pallet shelves, shuttle cars and forklifts.  This shuttle car pallet racking is a very popular semi-automated storage system nowadays because of improvement of warehouse space use and low investment cost.


Drive-in pallet rack and drive through pallet rack,  they are one of traditional high-density storage system. Forklifts run into the shelves to pick and take pallets. These trays are placed on the cantilever rail shelvings. This system costs much less than other system, but high work skills for forklift workers and may need much more forklifts if large goods flow requirement for the warehouse.

Of course, there are other types of shelves could be made for a cold warehouse, such as double deep pallet racks, push-back rack, gravitational pallet systems. All depends on special needs of customers. It is said there is no the best but the most right one.

3. Choose the appropriate surface treatment

Spray (epoxy polyester electrostatic powder coating) is the most ordinary surface treatment for rack shelves.  As it's not stringent on anti-corrosion, this way is good applicability, economical and practical for the refrigeration Storage places.

4. Other consideration facts necessary

Cold storage warehouse rack design need to consider other factors, such as welding electrodes and welding materials selection, should pay attention on welding skill and process to ensure the quality.

You should consider the characteristics of frost, calculating proper loading capacity increased for each storage keep unit, and cooling program and defrosting process that be used in the warehouse to have appropriate anti-corrosion coating treatment for rack's parts.

One project one design, the facts above is reasonable or not, the making cost is economic or not. We need keeping eyes on unique requirements of customers. To creat economic benefits is always the fundamental purpose of engineering design.