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Shelf fastening structure, easy disassembly
- Dec 16, 2016 -

1, rack fastening structure, easy disassembly; equipped with plastic foot contact with the ground.

2, rack post: made from angle steel double punch, hole distance 50mm distance along a straight line, post holes used to hook plate;

3, shelf steel plates: pick cold-rolled steel sheet according to the size that you want the sides bend forming. Laminates can choose between steel plates or wood laminates.

4, column and steel plates by speed buckle pin and a triangular-type connection with fixed shelves.

5, racking parts machined after molding all grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic electrostatic powder spraying and drying process to assemble the finished product. Produce shelf surface, smooth, beautiful plate can be adjusted up and down, easily reassembled.

Scope of application:

1, usually used for small, lighter cargo storage, single-layer load presets in the 180kg range.

2, human, manual handling, storage and order picking.