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Space optimization tool
- Dec 16, 2016 -

In recent years, with storage demand surge and a land area of tight, crowded store concept popular. Shuttle rack system as one of the

solutions came into being, it is a shelf, shuttle vehicles and forklifts for use with racking system. This shelf not only to save storage space, 

but also efficient flexible storage.

Shuttle pallet rack features:

Density: high density storage of goods, full use of warehouse space, significantly decrease construction costs, space utilization at 80%;

Flexible: FIFO, advanced out of the goods can be freely selected, bring the access to more flexible;

High efficiency: forklifts do not need to enter, save time, improve the security of persons and goods;

Security: anti-seismic safety is much higher than other forms of shelves, the structure is solid, 

the safety coefficient is higher.

Throughout the racks in traditional production-oriented enterprises, has a very distinct advantage. 

With the shuttle pallet racking for the prototype, with the needs of users, derived through the warehouse 

system, multi-layer shuttle system, height is more than 20 meters. Currently, East number of single SKU 

pallets in a warehouse in the category accounted for increases of more than 15, when volume reaches a 

certain magnitude, when shuttle pallet rack saves space created by the benefits will be very obvious. 

So, how to use shuttle rack system in the future will become a valuable discussion on the topic.