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The advantages of steel platform
- Dec 16, 2016 -

In today's society becomes more and more precious, more and more scarce, how in the limited space to place as many of the goods, is considered by many businesses issue. With the development of steel used is very popular, mainly to steel structures, is one of the most major building types. Steel structure with its own characteristics, the warlords world.

First, the steel is characterized by its high strength, light weight, high rigidity, it is used in the construction of large-span and super high and super heavy building is particularly suitable;

Second, the steel structure material homogeneity and isotropy, and elastomer is ideal, the most basic assumption of compliance with General Engineering mechanics, is this not the ideal building material.

Third, its plasticity, toughness, deformation, so good to bear dynamic loads. Many of the large building is the steel structure of, first in the world, located in Suzhou, is based on steel as the main body.

The four, short construction period, a 300 square meter building, only five people, 30 working days, will be able to do construction and decorated in just one month. Save costs, save time, save labor!

Lastly, steel building higher levels of industrialization, mechanization and specialization of production can be carried out to improve efficiency, reduce the difficulty. High speed and current energy-saving society is consistent.

Its disadvantage is poor fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

Steel is mainly used for heavy workshop bearing skeleton, the building structure subjected to dynamic load, plate-shell structures, tall tower and guyed masts, bridges and large-span structures, such as high-rise and super high-rise buildings.