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The important facts of designing storage racking
- Dec 26, 2016 -


Nowadays there are more and more industrial warehouses asking for development of the full use of storage space. The maximum height can reach up to 40 meters. Some of large logistics center has itself to be integrated structure that put building and racking together. Installing the racking system first, after that to make building structures likes wall, roof and so on, of which the support by steel racking system.

The racking put in the industrial warehouses is different from shelves that in the supermarket.  Supermarket shelves in not only to store goods but to show goods to clients as well.  Its height is usually below 3meters that closes to human height. Compared with supermarket shelves, industrial warehouses have been trying to use the space upside of warehouse and get faster transportation and handle of materials in the warehouse.

Nanjing Eco Racking products technical parameters is made strictly according to users' requirements, often includes  following aspects:

1. According to the actual conditions of user's warehouse layout, issuing the racking system layout plan, 3D draft, sections drawing and detailed structure. The final price or cost of the storage system will come from these drawings.

2. The steps of racking installation as follows:

a,  Pay attention to racking types, different type different installation process.
b,  Find and mark every accurate positions of post uprights. Assemble the frame uprights in consist of two uprights, cross braces and diagonal braces.
c,  Put on beams between two upright frames and move frames a little  to stand them on the right postions.
d,  Insert safe pins in the holes of post uprights and fix the foots of frames to the ground by steel anchors.
e,  To lay steel floor boards on the appointed support beams if it is mezzanine floor system.
f,   Set up the additional equipments likes wire fences, guard bars and so on to keep safety of operation.