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The mezzanine parking lot is a selective solution for hard parking in the modern city
- Mar 24, 2017 -

Parking lot is similar with mezzanine floor structure, it usually contains steel structure, car contained panels, car elevator, chain transmission system, control system, safety protection system, ect. 

As per actual site condition parking lot could be build with different strutures, it contains mezzanine floor packing system, lift-sliding mechanical packing system and vertical circulation mechanical parking system etc.

In order to fit different conditions of space and environment, the parking lot will be designed as customized requirements by different levels and tunnels to get car storage unit as much as possible, achieving high space utilization rate.

The automatical equipment would be selective as hydraulic driver or motor driver. Except ground floor all car storage units can be go up and down freely, as well as left & right moving automatically.

Keys of the system should be smooth, noiseless, short access time during running and operation.

At last we must pay close attention on safety protection during system running. The parking lot must has itself fall protection, collision protection and overload protection as well.