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Characteristics And Service Life Of Shelves Equipment
- Sep 18, 2017 -

      The production process of the shelf, the base of the cantilever rack can be made of H-section or special profile. Choose H-Beam according to the requirements of the corresponding selection of national standard steel. The top of H-beam is connected with the column bolt, which is easy to connect with the column. The bottom weld connects the bottom plate, the bottom plate opens expands the bolt eye, facilitates uses the expansion bolt to connect the shelf with the ground. To fix the shelves.Shelves

      Cantilever rack selection of special profiles to do the base, will be two pieces of C-beam back-to-back with the connecting plate welded together, the width of the connecting plate is the width of the column. After the two pieces of C-shaped steel welded in the connecting column position to open the bolt eye, easy to connect with the column. The side weld connects the bottom plate, facilitates the expansion bolts and the ground connection.Shelves

      The Cantilever rack column is welded together by two pieces of C-shaped steel. C-shaped steel to q235 high-quality steel as raw materials, after rolling mill line into C-shaped steel, in the automatic punching machine on the cantilever connection control, hole spacing of 140mm. A connecting steel plate is welded under the column, if connected with H-beam. If the connection with the special profile will be connected in the column below the joint opening bolt connection hole.Shelves

     Roller racking shelf life in supermarkets is the use of more frequent words, in the food industry and packaging industry, this is a very important technical indicators. The fresh areas in supermarkets are the areas that attract the most traffic, and it is one of the most important problems how to prolong the shelf life and keep freshness of the goods effectively. A product from the production package to the circulation of sales, in the prescribed environmental conditions, to maintain quality and consumer safety of the time commitment. Clearly, shelf life for the reputation of manufacturers, consumer health and safety is crucial.Shelves

     People in the shopping will look at the shelf life, not expired, not only the food has the use of the term, goods also have, shelf products also have a feature of the service. The shelf life of food is the best period of food use, that is, to maintain the quality of food (quality) under the conditions specified on the food label. Within this period, all indicators of food (sensory requirements, physical and chemical indicators, health indicators) conform to the labelling or product standards.Shelves