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Characteristics Of Mezzanine Rack Floor
- Jul 07, 2017 -

             The selection of the coated stent is very important in the endovascular repair of aortic disease, which will affect the therapeutic effect to a certain extent. The future trend should be the choice of disease, that is, according to different lesions, the choice of different mulch stent. Oriental people and Westerners in the main artery of the disease spectrum has a greater difference, the Western true aneurysm more, while the oriental aortic dissection high incidence. The imported covered stents, such as talent, cook, gore and relay, are designed for aortic aneurysm, and are therefore mainly indications of aortic aneurysm. In this regard, the import of coated stent has its unique. For example, the near end of the cook coated stent is barbed and can prevent stent displacement. Talent-coated stent has a longitudinal beam, the overall of the stent is very good. Gore's release method is very special, for the pull line, covering the membrane bracket from the middle to the ends of the open. However, things always have advantages and disadvantages, for the true aneurysm is the advantage, in the aortic dissection has become a disadvantage, such as the near end of the cook coated stent with barbed, is bound to cause aortic intimal injury, which is in the aortic dissection in the repair of the most reluctant to see-blocking the old gap, but caused a new damage.Mezzanine Rack Floor

            In the aortic dissection, most of the laceration was near the left subclavian artery, after the membrane stent is released, the proximal end is located in the aortic arch, the distal side is the descending aorta, which is curved, so the laminating stent is required to be more compliant, and the coated stent with longitudinal beam is more stiff, such as talent, so it is not suitable for aortic dissection. Similarly, because the diameter of the aortic arch is significantly greater than the diameter of the aortic true cavity ($number), the tapered laminating stent is more suitable for the interlayer. At present, most of the imported coated stents are not tapered design, even if there is, only in large size models, and the degree of tapering is very limited.Mezzanine Rack Floor

            The domestic laminating stent has made great progress in recent years. Some coated stents are very distinctive in design and fabrication. For example, Shanghai minimally invasive production of Aegis-coated stent for abdominal aortic aneurysm, a forked-type integrated structure, the operation only needs to open one side of the femoral artery, after the release, can effectively prevent displacement.Mezzanine Rack Floor