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Description Of Contemporary Shelves Technology
- Oct 17, 2017 -

The speed matching between the process, the adjustment of the whole line speed and the position location of the cold bending unit are the main applications of the AC variable frequency speed regulation technology. The application of AC frequency conversion speed regulation in unwinding machine, leveling machine, press machine and so on: it mainly realizes the on-line stepless speed regulation and the synchronization following performance between the front and rear course processes, has the advantages of large speed range, simple maintenance, safe and reliable, power factor above 0.9.Shelves

such as: Through the AC frequency conversion speed control system to adjust the working frequency of the pressure machine, and the servo feeding device to achieve the coordination of the working rhythm and the basic speed of the adjustment; the stepless transformation of the running speed of the unwinding machine and the leveling machine through the AC Frequency conversion speed control system, Ensure the automation and speed consistency of the whole line operation control.Shelves

The starting and stopping of the leveling machine, the speed change is the automatic control and adjustment of the system after the photoelectric switch in the buffer pit, to ensure that there is enough material to be buffered when running continuously in the automatic mode. The application of AC frequency conversion speed control technology greatly reduces the equipment speed matching and equipment debugging difficulty, also facilitates in the future according to the production product change to enhance the equipment operation efficiency and the capacity. Application of AC frequency conversion speed regulation in cold bending unit: Cold bending Machine According to the product design drawings to choose a reasonable level of the number of rollers and complete the product of cold bending molding, the main drive using AC frequency conversion speed control system, shearing machine is responsible for the shelf components fixed length cut off. The research on the positioning control of AC variable frequency speed regulating asynchronous motor has undergone a long period of time, the traditional method of positioning control is to use mechanical block to locate.Shelves Electrical positioning control system is generally digital work, it can improve accuracy, very simple, easy and PC, PLC and other host control system and control circuit matching. At present, the application of frequency conversion speed control technology in the old cold bending unit is to set several fixed operating frequencies for the speed parameters of the inverter (such as high speed, medium speed, low speed three kinds of frequencies), according to the actual products on the cold Bending unit control requirements by the PC or PLC on the inverter three (frequency) speed of the switch, to achieve speed and registration.Shelves