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Development Status Of Cantilever Rack
- Jul 07, 2017 -

              Cantilever-type shelves mainly by the column, cantilever beam, connecting rod and other components, its characteristics are the cantilever structure of the front stretched lightweight, heavy load, to store not specifications or long rod material, can greatly improve the utilization and efficiency of the warehouse, cantilever is either single-sided or double-sided. After the increase of wood or steel grating, especially suitable for small space, low density of the Treasury, easy to manage, wide field of vision. Widely used in mechanical processing and building materials supermarket industry.

              With the large influx of foreign-funded enterprises in the Yangtze River delta, Zhujiang Delta area, not only led to the local economic development, but also brought new management concepts and management technology. As enterprises continue to increase production capacity, the enterprise's warehouse standardization, efficiency also naturally mentioned on the agenda. Shelves are an important tool for modernizing and improving efficiency in warehouses, so the shelves industry has emerged.Cantilever Rack

              The shelf industry becomes an industry that can be traced back to the 890 's. Germany and Hong Kong enterprises in the late 80 in the early 90 to set up on the Shanghai-Nanjing Line Warehousing Equipment Company, the main production warehouse shelves, investors gradually saw the shelf industry in China's development prospects. Subsequently, the Swiss enterprises in Shanghai set up shelves company, shelf production technology in the domestic since then developed. With the gradual improvement of our local shelf-making technology, in order to save costs, more foreign-funded enterprises have chosen to buy local shelves, China's shelves industry accordingly.Cantilever Rack

              Shelf refers to the store in the business Hall display and placed in the near future to sell the goods of the cupboard, shelves, cabinets, boxes and other appliances. Shelves from the ancient Chinese herbal medicine store to the various stores in the modern shopping malls, to the large-scale warehouses of steel bars or more advanced materials made of shelves, people are familiar.Cantilever Rack

             The development of modern logistics is the precondition of the appearance and development of the stereoscopic warehouse, and it is suitable for the development of industry and science and technology. The modernization of large-production, more and more to promote industrial production socialization, specialization, centralization. High mechanization of production, automation must require the distribution of supplies timely, rapid and accurate. This prompted the rapid development of warehouse technology, and has become a symbol of High-tech factory design. Shelves of independent exports began in 2000, before mainly through the Foreign Trade company agent. Most of China's exports are pallet shelves, shelf shelves and other requirements for installation services are not high, and for the installation of higher requirements of the three-dimensional library exports are relatively small. China's automated warehouse shelves have reached international standards.Cantilever Rack