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Drive-in Shelf Rack Maintenance
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Routine maintenance and repair also a shelf the shelf factory service a top priority, Teng (TMCC) high rack for maintenance and repair work to the customer on a regular basis, ensuring efficient storage shelves and safe to use.

(1) clean find shelves through the external mechanical deformations that occur collisions in time for replacement of the safety and soundness of the shelf parts, in line with safety norms, to detect security risks in cleaning, in time, to ensure safe and efficient storage.

(2) correction using professional level stereo positioning tool to record accurately the shelves, and effective corrections to ensure shelf load capacity and safety.

(3) strictly enforce safety rules, not overrun contained, ultra line, hyper-density to ensure safety performance in the stored procedure.

(4) maintenance cycle for one year.

(5) maintain the content, determination of tightness of fasteners, the column vertical determination, determination of the damaged parts and other general content. If the hit column appears bent (broken) the overall determination is required. According to data for system maintenance.