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Fluent In Rack Applications
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Practicality: the slip type pipe rack supply items can save manpower and material accompanying efficiency, help increase productivity, accelerate the speed of production lines. Tilt shelf down toward the shipping, cargo slides down under the action of gravity, cargo FIFO, convenient access, suitable for Assembly on both sides of the picking process conversion, distribution centers and other places that can be fitted with electronic tags, information management of goods, reduce waste of stock and handling waste. FIFO racks has a very important role in logistics, warehousing, it has the simplicity, scalability and so on meet the JIT production, can be freely assembled sustainable improvements; reusable; ergonomic; compression station and raise their income.

Good rack is a light first in-first out racking, it is usually used in conjunction with standard containers or cartons. Such shelves can be used independently, or you can combine multiple units used. Widely used in warehouses, factory assembly plant and distribution center. This shelf of simple structure, compact, beautiful, no energy, no noise, and work efficiency can be increased by 50% compared to other rack. Equipment in the warehouse, shelf refers specifically to store the items of storage devices. Shelves occupy a very important position in the logistics and warehouse, with the development of modern industry, significant increase in volume, to realize the modernization of warehouse management, improve the functioning of the warehouse and shelves requires not only quantity, but also multifunctional and flexible automation requirements.