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How To Choose The Right Storage Shelves
- Aug 11, 2017 -

             Drive-In shelves, adjustable pallet racks, rolling shelves, movable shelves and popular high shelves. If you choose this kind of shelves, can also need to invest in the necessary loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow-way forklift truck.Shelves

             Workshop shelf structure. Many enterprises on the shelf at the time of the shelf only concern to the space application rate problem, but neglected the concept of logistics. Pay attention to the activities of the shelves after the establishment of materials, due to structural differences, shelf size, load-bearing, loading and unloading

Equipment and other aspects can be divided.Shelves

            Electronic system support. If the money is invested enough, you can think of some equipment with relatively high skill levels. Active three-dimensional library, forklift direct picking system and so on. Early observation of the needs of the existing warehouse management system can and these departments.

            Integrated docking. If there is a problem, but also needs to open up separately, the development costs should be counted into the shelf set up by the scheme side.

            Warehouse to choose the shelves should be thinking of several aspects, roughly divided into the following: The warehouse itself on the ground load, this number of demand from the contractor to obtain. This parameter is very main, if your warehouse floor load bearing only 1 tons, shelf weight of 5 tons, that must be ground subsidence or deformation, heavy even will collapse, the formation of peace and chaos. Do not think pure thinking in order to throttle space on the establishment of high shelves, but also to think about the high shelf storage material components. A container for the category and bearing materials of the shelf-loaded materials. The size of the shelf demand and carrying materials or containers have relations, size can be customized, but the best by the shelf provider to give the proposed size, on the one hand is relative professional, on the other hand if the problem, can also share the local responsibility. Rack and unload equipment. At present can have a stack of shelves of equipment, if so, the need to reflect the reverse radius of equipment, equipment width and other factors.Shelves