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Introduction Of Adhesives For Warehouse Supporting Equipments
- Oct 17, 2017 -

The reaction kettle is the main equipment for making glue. The common reaction kettle volume is in 0.5-5m3, and most of the acid-resistant enamel material for the lining, because the enamel surface prone to crack porcelain, strictly prohibit the use of metal tools such as hard to knock porcelain surface, to install, use and repair inconvenience, its advantage is cheaper. The kettle body is a cylindrical body with an interlayer, an ellipse bottom and a spherical body with a plurality of holes, which are connected by a fastener through a flange.Warehouse Supporting Equipments

The reactor under normal circumstances is connected with the atmosphere, used for the production of dehydration glue and the use of vacuum feed reactor, the negative pressure is generally not more than 0.1MPa, the kettle wall thickness is generally 8-16mm, the outer wall is thick and 5-10mm, the larger the volume of the reactor, the thicker the wall. Warehouse Supporting Equipments The steam or cooling water pressure in the interlayer is generally no more than 0.3MPa. The agitator is located in the center of the reactor, its structure form has the anchor type, the oar type and the frame structure and so on, uses the anchor structure the more, it can make the material upper and lower layer and the plane layer evenly mixes, the agitator speed is generally in the 40-100r/min, the rotational speed is fast, although the stirring efficiency is high, but easily produces the froth Warehouse Supporting Equipments

The rotation of the agitator is driven by the motor through the reducer. Reducer type to worm gear reducer for many, its characteristics are simple structure, smooth transmission, easy maintenance, the current ideal deceleration device is the balance of needlework reducer, because of its compact structure, small size, long service life has been generally welcomed. Some adhesives, due to impurities or metal ions will affect the normal polymerization reaction, so require all piping, valves and reaction kettle should be made of stainless steel or acid enamel to ensure product quality.Warehouse Supporting Equipments 

Formaldehyde solution generally contains 37% of formaldehyde and 12% of the methanol inhibitor, due to the existence of formic acid, has a certain degree of corrosion, so the formaldehyde tank with good corrosion resistance of stainless steel materials, and to regularly carry out anti-corrosion treatment. Formaldehyde solution is easily polymerized into poly-formaldehyde under low temperature condition, the use of the difficulties, so formaldehyde storage tank should be insulated facilities, but the storage tank temperature can not be too high, high temperature, formaldehyde solution of formic acid content will increase, because formic acid is corrosive, easy to cause the storage tank local corrosion perforation, Both will create inconvenient and economical use.Warehouse Supporting Equipments