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Manufacture And Production Technology Of Cantilever Rack
- Aug 11, 2017 -

            Cantilever racks are generally made of two materials: 1, the use of square tube production: cantilever-type shelves according to the corresponding requirements of the cantilever layer, first selected to meet the requirements of the layer load of the square tube, cutting into the need for size, in a welding non-slip guard plate, the other end of the welding joint U-shaped column connecting pieces made from. 2, the use of C-beam production: cantilever shelf according to the corresponding cantilever layer load requirements, first selected C-shaped steel specifications, selected after the two pieces of C-beam welding, welding after a NON-SLIP guard plate, the other end of the welding joint U-shaped column connector.Cantilever Rack

            The cantilever rack is connected with the column and the connecting rod is made of rectangular tube. In order to increase safety and stability, a special pull can be fixed on the connecting rod with flat iron back pull. All the cantilever shelf parts are semi-finished after the production is finished and will be sprayed with the last working procedure. Before spraying plastic blasting machine shot blasting oil, derusting, and then spray. After completion of packaging delivery.Cantilever Rack

            Cantilever type storage Shelves-the base of the production process cantilever shelf can be made of H-section or special profile. Choose H-Beam according to the requirements of the corresponding selection of national standard steel. The top of H-beam is connected with the column bolt, which is easy to connect with the column. The bottom weld connects the bottom plate, the bottom plate opens expands the bolt eye, facilitates uses the expansion bolt to connect the shelf with the ground. To fix the shelves.

            Cantilever rack selection of special profiles to do the base, will be two pieces of C-beam back-to-back with the connecting plate welded together, the width of the connecting plate is the width of the column. After the two pieces of C-shaped steel welded in the connecting column position to open the bolt eye, easy to connect with the column. The side weld connects the bottom plate, facilitates the expansion bolts and the ground connection.Cantilever Rack

            The Cantilever shelf column is welded together by two pieces of C-shaped steel. C-shaped steel to Q235 high-quality steel as raw materials, after rolling mill line into C-shaped steel, in the automatic punching machine on the cantilever connection control, hole spacing of 140mm. A connecting steel plate is welded under the column, if connected with H-beam. If the connection with the special profile will be connected in the column below the joint opening bolt connection hole.Cantilever Rack