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Material And Use Characteristics Of Pallet Rack
- Sep 18, 2017 -

     Shelf pallet processing commonly used materials: plastic pallet: High Density low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) two kinds. Hard texture, good cold resistance, high chemical stability, acid and alkali and organic solvents, non-toxic tasteless. Has a very prominent electrical performance and good radiation resistance, there is a high heat resistance temperature.Pallet Rack

     Wooden pallet: At present the domestic wood pallet material mainly has pine, iron shirt, fir and other miscellaneous hardwood, different material represents pallet's different use performance. The European Pallet Standard expressly stipulates that Poplar wood cannot be used.Pallet Rack

     Pallet trays-use should pay attention to the points: plastic pallets should be handled, to avoid landing when the force is uneven, damage occurred. Place the goods, should be evenly placed, to avoid lifting when moving, the side crooked. When using handling equipment, consider whether the size of the goods is suitable for use in this plastic pallet, avoid the unsuitable size, and support the plastic pallet. When stacking is used, the load bearing of the bottom tray should be considered. Pallet Rack

     Forklift or manual hydraulic truck operation, fork Thorn as far as possible to the outside side of the pallet fork hole, fork Thorn should be all stretched into the tray, the smooth lifting tray can change the angle. Fork Thorn can not impact the side of the pallet to avoid breakage, cracks. Pallet shelves, must be used shelf-type pallet, bearing capacity according to the structure of the shelves, is strictly prohibited to use overloading.Pallet Rack

    Pallet shelves to store modular pallet goods, with roadway stacker and other storage and transportation machinery for operations. High-rise shelves use the whole structure, usually by the steel plate welded shelves (with pallets), through the horizontal, vertical levers and beams and other components to join. Its side clearance 6, considering the original location of the cargo parking accuracy, stacking machine parking accuracy, stacking machine and shelf installation accuracy, etc. the width of the cargo support. , must be greater than the side gap convex, so that the side of the cargo is not supported.Pallet Rack