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Material Properties Of Mezzanine Rack Floor
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The advantages of composite structures, including a core material, which is made up of two FRP "surface" layers, appear to be obvious. Compared to steel, wood and concrete, composites have a higher strength and weight ratio and are durable enough to withstand more elements, prolonging service life and reducing maintenance costs. They can also be practiced without restriction. However, the application of composites in civil engineering is still hindered because their possibilities are not widely known.Mezzanine Rack Floor

Installing all the wood and scaffolding is time-consuming, which can cause delays, high labor costs and traffic chaos. Therefore, the construction of a canal bridge is a complex and dangerous work. Select a work place on the bank to install templates and scaffolding, then drag the bridge-formwork, scaffolding, and other to the designated location, which is not easy. Not to mention the formwork and scaffold should be removed after the concrete is solidified; so a bridge was hoisted on a canal.Mezzanine Rack Floor

It is strong in the direction of the fiber, but it has to be laterally loaded, and it may split. The interlayer stress reduces the strength of the material, so you have to prevent these situations from occurring in the design. But that's not always possible. The stress on the edge of the plate cannot be completely prevented. If we put the composite board on the steel truss, the irregularity of the steel surface will cause the local stress to be too large and may cause tearing. We also prevent this from happening by putting rubber strips into steel trusses. In this way, we disperse the payload so that we can get a well-defined surface that can be placed onto the plate.Mezzanine Rack Floor