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Modern Shelves Ideas
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Promoting healthy development of shelf industry also need to be applied to the entire society modern shelves ideas, cultivate market shelves. Although modern shelf industry development in recent years, but overall, the shelf concept in society remains weak. Awareness of the shelves are confined to transport, storage, handling and other functions, fail to recognize that modern shelf industry development, supply chain management system for enterprise development, and even the whole society to reduce distribution costs and transaction costs, increase profits and enhance the unique role of enterprise competitiveness. Some manufacturers pay more attention to product development, marketing strategies and pricing strategy formulation, rarely pay attention to rack applications of rationality and shelf adjustment of the Organization's influence on enterprise development. From a rack application's choice, many production companies are still keen to choose self storage, but also to the storage purchasing warehousing services, but these are limited to one-off and temporary, scattered shelves service. Essentially still pursuing internal production and circulation of "all-inclusive", exclusion on the subjective socialization shelf service options. This is one of the factors that restrict the shelf service. So to inform the society about the shelf idea, attract businesses to use shelf service, fostering market shelves.

Through the investigation and analysis of logistics searched for nearly a year, can be found, only storage shelves a good grasp of market opportunities and adjust development strategies, strengthen technological progress, improve the sense of service and management efficiency, and adapt to the development of industry and improve service ability, to set the shelf the healthy and rapid development of the industry.