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Overview Of The Shelves And Suitability Classification
- Jun 16, 2017 -

   Shelf shelves from the ancient Chinese medicine store in the shop, to all kinds of modern shopping malls shop used in a variety of shelves, large three-dimensional warehouse in the steel or more advanced materials made of shelves, people are familiar The The development of modern logistics is the prerequisite for the emergence and development of three-dimensional warehouse, and is compatible with the development of industry and science and technology. Modern large-scale production, more and more to promote industrial production socialization, specialization, centralization. Shelves

   Production of highly mechanized, automation must require the distribution of supplies in a timely, prompt and accurate manner. Which prompted the three-dimensional warehouse technology has been rapid development, and has become a symbol of high-tech factory design. Shelf independent exports began in 2000, before the main agent through the foreign trade companies. Most of China's exports are pallet racks, high-level heavy shelves, and for the installation of high demand for three-dimensional library exports are relatively small. China's automated warehouse shelves have reached the international level. Can be achieved first-in first-out, and can achieve a replenishment, multiple picking. High storage efficiency.Shelves

    According to applicability classification, the shelf according to the applicability of the shelves can be divided into general shelves and special shelves. According to the shelf of the manufacturing materials of steel shelves, reinforced concrete shelves, steel and reinforced concrete mixed shelves, wooden shelves, steel and wood, such as shelves. According to the degree of closure of the shelf is divided into open shelves, semi-enclosed shelves, closed shelves and so on. According to the structural characteristics of layered rack, layer grid frame, shelf, drawer frame, cantilever, tripod, grid frame, and so on. According to the movable capacity of the shelves, fixed shelves, mobile shelves, rotary shelves, combined shelves, adjustable shelves, mobile storage shelves. According to the shelf use of drugstore shelves, convenience store shelves, according to the structure of the overall structure of the shelf, shelves directly support the warehouse roof and ceiling, split structure, shelves and buildings are divided into two separate systems.Shelves