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Pallet Rack Characteristics
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Heavy duty storage shelves are widely used in manufacturing, logistics and distribution centers and other areas, both applied to producing small quantities of goods, also suitable for large quantities and few varieties goods. This kind of shelve of most high warehouse and application of ultra high storage, supermarkets, factories, learning units, hospitals, scientific research institutes. Enterprises and other frequently used warehouse shelves. In this regard, jinshuo summed up the heavy-duty warehouse rack structure has the following main points:

1, heavy duty storage shelves normally, column height of not more than 12 meters, and can build lofts on the shelf base shelves.

2 column by State, heavy duty storage shelves warehouse cross brace, braced and bolted connections made; p closed beam and column composed of plug rack frame, fixed by safety pins, simple and reliable structure just above laminates under beams form a shelf as a whole. Each layer can be fluctuated with 75mm step.

3, heavy duty storage shelves with beam warehouse small, layer thickness, number of layers containing requirements for reinforced, in the relative length and material requirement of situations.

4, heavy duty storage shelves for warehouses, low cost, safe and reliable, simple Assembly, disassembly, can be used alone, may also take the form of main frame arranged free.