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Performance Characteristics Of Mobile Rack
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The deformation of the fill block affects the coaxial degree of the three groups of machining holes on the front rack and the verticality of the hinged holes, and causes the uneven force of four pieces.Mobile Rack 

The deviation of coaxial degree makes the moving arm, the lever and the bucket appear inclined and eccentric in the process of lifting and descending, and the force does not cause the filling to be welded in the process of use. Due to the large shrinkage deformation of the left and right wing box welding, the spacing and symmetry of the support seat of the two-arm hydraulic cylinder are difficult to meet the requirements of the drawing, which not only leads to assembling difficulties, but also appears in the work process.Mobile Rack

In the group welding tire, except the fill block and the movable arm hydraulic cylinder support seat outside the location of the point after the fixed, and then the next tire welding. Welding, welding short weld and large stress weld seam, Long weld section annealing, symmetrical weld and, must be staggered symmetrical welding. After welding, eliminate stress treatment. The welding parts will be lifted up to the tire, and the hinged hole is positioned to decorate the filling block and the movable arm hydraulic cylinder supporting seat, and the uniform point fixed under the tire welding is completed. After welding, the filling block and the movable arm hydraulic cylinder support block are no longer processed.Mobile Rack

Reinforcement arrangement. The position and direction of reinforcement must adapt to the requirements of force, such as the Red Star heavy industry in the design of the frame, the direction of the lateral wall reinforced ribs and the position of reinforced ribs under the bearing seat are designed according to the characteristics of their respective parts, making the frame structure more reasonable. Casting process. After improving the structure design and improving the welding quality of the domestic welding frame, for jaw crusher, it is undoubtedly the development direction to replace the casting frame with the welding frame.Mobile Rack

Focus on the design of the side wall of the rack. The actual calculation of the jaw crusher frame shows that the side wall of the frame is much smaller than the front wall, so the side wall of the frame must be designed according to the deformation of the force. Appearance requirements. In the frame structure of the appearance, can not be one-sided pursuit of beauty and ignore the strength of the problem, can not blindly strengthen the strength of the machine, resulting in the crushing machine heavy waste material.Mobile Rack