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Plane Mechanism Of Mobile Rack
- Nov 06, 2017 -

The most commonly used in planar linkage mechanism is four-bar mechanism, which has the fewest number of components and can convert motion. More than four rods of planar linkage mechanism multicomputer, it can achieve some complex movement, but the rod and stability of the poor.Mobile Rack 

The driving shaft of the power machine is generally full turnover, so the active parts in the mechanism should be the crank that rotates around the frame for the whole week in the movement chain forming the hinge four-bar mechanism, A, B, C and D both represent the symbols of each rod length and each pole. When the sum of the shortest rod and the longest rod is less than or equal to the sum of the other two rods, if the shortest rod or its adjacent rod is fixed one, then the other is the crank.Mobile Rack

In the crank-rocker mechanism, if the rocker is the active part, when the crank and the connecting rod are in a straight line position, the force of the connecting rod to the crank cannot produce the torque of the crank turning, so that the mechanism cannot start, this position is called dead point. The mechanism should avoid the dead point position when starting, but in the movement process, the inertia is often used to transition dead points.Mobile Rack

The movement requirements of the moving parts are varied, and the problems to be integrated are different. Generally, it can be summed up as follows: The moving law of the active part requires that the follower can realize the given position or approximate motion law of the given function, and the connecting rod can achieve the given position, and the connecting rod can approximate the motion of a certain point along a given curve. The basic problem of motion geometry is studied, and the mechanism of approximate realization of the given curve can be solved.Mobile Rack

At home and abroad a kind of feeder, crusher, vibrating screen and all kinds of belt conveyor cleverly supporting the combination of mobile crushing screening station, the equipment required to be assembled on the Crusher's shape size as small as possible to save installation space. From the market reaction point of view, because the mobile crushing screening station has no need to cast fixed cement Foundation, mobile flexible, combination of convenience, and reusable features, more and more users (especially foreign users) welcome, the market demand is increasing.Mobile Rack