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Rack Maintenance
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Regular cleaning

With a clean cloth to dust shelves remove, keep in mind the best to avoid water clean shelves, wash the shelves can easily lead to shelves of surface oxidation, shortening the shelf life.

Shelves neatly

Tools, attachments, stored on the shelves of artifacts (products) laid, pipes, lines are allowed to stack things blocked channels.

Inclement weather special maintenance

If the shelves damp days of maintenance:

1. the warehouse should open doors and Windows as little as possible, help to reduce outside moist air into the rooms, the possibility of reducing the shelves damp.

2. conditions, open the vacuum, damp protection to warehouse. Or put some desiccant in the warehouse.

3. shelf humidity need to be wiped clean with a rag to avoid rack rusting, especially note the interface shelf position, where easy to rust.