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Related Factors Of Warehouse Supporting Equipments
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Pre-acting automatic sprinkler system (pre-acting system) mainly consists of closed nozzle, pipe network, pre action valve Group, inflatable equipment, water supply facilities, fire detection alarm device, etc. The water spraying intensity, the action area, the continuous water spraying time, the type selection and arrangement of sprinkler, the hydraulic calculation and installation of the pipe network are all the same as the wet automatic sprinkler system.Warehouse Supporting Equipments

The pre-acting system can replace the dry system progressive fire extinguishing speed and efficiency, but also can replace the wet system to prevent the pipeline and the nozzle fault to produce the leakage or the false spraying place, applies to the automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system security request high building.Warehouse Supporting Equipments

In order to accelerate the exhaust gas so that the original inflatable pipe network into a wet system full of pressurized water, the installation of exhaust valve is necessary, but the pre-acting system of the exhaust is mainly in the fire pump after the start of high-pressure flow under the impetus of the operation. Warehouse Supporting Equipments

Therefore, in the system pipe network to set up automatic discharge valve can achieve this purpose, solenoid valve opened automatically after the discharge valve can automatically exhaust, when the gas discharged in the water pressure to automatically shut down the valve.Warehouse Supporting Equipments

Exhaust is one of the factors related to water filling time. The exhaust time is closely related to the layout of the pipe network. Because the system pipeline is usually covered with gas, when the fire can not be quickly ruled out, the speed of the water will be blocked, for the rapid elimination of pipeline gas, and can eliminate the problem of clean, in the design of the following technical measures.Warehouse Supporting Equipments

The functions of the established program are selected using laser detection technique, artificial neural network and unique active air sampling detector. The core technology of the system has two points, namely, laser scattering measurement and smoke particle counting. The actual test data show that the detector can emit alarming signals when the concentration of smoke particles in the air reaches 1 000/. Warehouse Supporting Equipments

The air sampling detector overcomes the limitation of passive detection of traditional point probes, and can alarm multiple levels early, and start the related fire extinguishing equipment by multi-level alarm.Warehouse Supporting Equipments