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Shelves Equipment Meaning
- Jul 07, 2017 -

             Shelf is a modern warehouse to improve the efficiency of the important tool, with the rapid development of the economy, the large influx of foreign-funded enterprises in the Yangtze River delta, Zhujiang Delta area, not only led to the local economic development, but also bring new management concepts and management technology. At present, the storage warehouse of enterprises used in the types of shelves more and more tend to automation, intelligent.Shelves

             Lifting shelves may be familiar to all, from the ancient Chinese Medicine store medicine cabinet to the modern variety of shopping malls store shelves, to the large-scale warehouse of steel or more advanced materials made of the shelves, are familiar to people, but a deep layer into the professional point of view of the shelves, probably not many people know.Shelves

             The development of modern logistics is the precondition of the appearance and development of the stereoscopic warehouse, and it is suitable for the development of industry and science and technology. The modernization of large-production, more and more to promote industrial production socialization, specialization, centralization. High mechanization of production, automation must require the distribution of supplies timely, rapid and accurate. This prompted the rapid development of warehouse technology, and has become a symbol of High-tech factory design.

For the planning of space, we must first classify, understand the direction of the use of each space, and then evaluate its weights and trade-offs in all aspects, the evaluation of the weight of the comparison after the design layout. If the storage space is limited and the planning design changes are not possible, then we should seek to use the means to limit the utilization of the available storage space. This puts a higher demand on the shelves. The emergence of modern warehouses, driving the development of shelves.Shelves