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Shelves Layout Of The Shelf
- Aug 31, 2017 -

                The layout of the shelf is generally horizontal, vertical and mixed three kinds of, so-called row, is the pallet or shelves and the width of the warehouse parallel, if the stack or the shelves and warehouses of the wide vertical arrangement, is the vertical column, the two are mixed. The length and width of the shelf shall be a multiple of the length of the storeroom, in order to improve the utilization of the warehouse area, this arrangement is conducive to the storehouse ventilation and materials in and out of the library, better use of natural lighting, but this way more than the road, the area utilization is low, especially the use of forklift operation, this location layout so that the forklift must be a right angle turn, Operation inconvenience, and need wide enough channel, reduce the storage area, so when using pallet storage combined with forklift operation, can be used in different layout form.Shelves

                Safe variety and out of storage frequently, the tray as close to the channel as possible, reduce the width of the channel and shorten the forklift walking distance. If the variety of goods and the number of each variety is large, can also be stored in the channel of two or more columns per side of the pallet, to save the storage area. Warehouse longitudinal Two sides of the pallet can be arranged horizontally (parallel to the loading line), the library between the pallet to take a vertical arrangement, can ensure pallet stacking stability, to avoid a shelf at both ends of the operation, in order to safety.Shelves

                 The width of the channel depends mainly on the radius of the forklift, the dimensions of the goods and other factors. The width required by the channel, which we use as A, the formula: A=R-R1-R, R1, respectively, are the outer side of the forklift and the inner radius. As the steering wheel of the forklift is to be slid sideways while turning, the radius slightly increases, and when the width of the channel is determined, some allowance should be added appropriately. In order to reduce the width of the channel, make full use of the warehouse area, the channel side of the pallet can be stacked into 30 degrees or 45 degrees angle, forklift pickup only need to make a 30-degree turn, so the channel width can be reduced by one-second. The warehouse with pallet storage is best equipped with the freight yard for receiving and dispatching goods, so that there is a mobile place to check and arrange the shelves. Empty pallet stacking location, both easy to use when moving, but also easy to manage maintenance. The empty pallet is usually placed next to the library door to be transported to the library side platform.Shelves

                 Sporadic cargo can be stacked in small pieces of small storage area, this library area can be used for patchwork of small pieces of goods piled up, as close to the scale as possible to reduce the distance weighing. The cargo area should be easy to find, the location of a smaller division.Shelves