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Shuttle Rack Works
- Dec 16, 2016 -

Stock: by forklift truck goods on the shelf to the front of the tunnel rail,

Radio remote control WAP-1 Shuttle, pallet can be hosted running on the Rails;

· Pickup: WAP-1 shuttle bus to move the shelf depth of pallet to the top shelf, with forklift pallets of goods removed from the shelves;

· Mobile WAP-1 shuttle bus: by means of forklift trucks to shuttle cars are placed in different tunnels, multiple roadways share a WAP-1 Shuttle. WAP-1 shuttle bus number of the tunnel depth, total amounts of goods, shipment volume, delivery frequency combination of decisions this warehouse solutions from a number of groups of pallet racking and pallet warehousing, transport and storage by the trolley system. Space utilization at more than 80%!