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Steel Platform Safety Maintenance
- Dec 16, 2016 -

1, steel platform should set limits set out.

Platform 2, steel shelving with the upper nodes must be on the building, and should not be set on the scaffolding construction facilities, support system must not be connected to the scaffolding.

3, concrete beams and slabs of steel platform used should be buried, and connected to the platform of the bolt.

4, wire rope and the horizontal angle of the platform should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

Steel platform 5, Rachel fulfilled a tensile strength of beam-column connections in order to ensure the safety of buildings and platforms.

Platform 6, steel clasp should be used when cannot directly hook hook platform rings.

7, when the steel platform installed, steel wire rope should be used special hooks to hang, and otherwise buckle shall not be less than 3, acute angles of buildings surrounding the steel wire rope should be padded lining, inside of the mouth should be slightly higher than steel platforms.

8, left and right must be fixed on both sides of the steel platform like railings and hanging set key safety net.