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Storage Shelves
- Jul 27, 2017 -

                    We produce the storage shelves to go to Shougang first select steel to send back to the factory with a shearing machine to cut the steel into small pieces, and then the universal press to press into the ' U ' profile in the punching machine punch 4 holes at a time, two workers for 15 minutes. Storage shelves of the column to two root a font 1.2 after the ' U ' type steel to 5 and 0.6 thick ' mouth ' subtype Fang 3 horizontal two 45 degrees of oblique pull, it also requires two of workers to be fully welded, so the process required by the column alone is very complicated.Shelves

                    We produce the beam to use the hook and the ' P ' type beam and then welding this is relatively simple, the next step is to do the laminate. Laminated plate is 0.3-----1.2 cold-rolled steel plate shearing machine for cutting with a folding press to suppress the square fold 2.0cm in folding 1. CM's Square laminate in addition to 3 root stiffeners (for mountain glyphs). We're going to have to do the pickling. In the process of pickling the steel will produce corrosion effect, this will reduce the thickness of the steel, but the effect is not good, pickling to phosphating. Phosphating is in order not to let the steel again oxidation rust. After the completion of the process of our production shelves to be sprayed through the shelves, after the completion of the production line of spray-belt will automatically push the storage shelves to promote the 180---300 degree of the medium-temperature oven through the middle temperature baked shelves to complete the production process.Shelves

                   We are the shelves and storage equipment manufacturing experts, with advanced production equipment and cutting-edge production technology, since the establishment of workshops, sitting on a strong production line. According to the different requirements and conditions of customers, including simulation of real business and operational development, warehousing needs, sustainable development, time and finance, and so on, to develop a plan to meet their needs. Through data collection and program simulation operation, to the most efficient time, for customers to manufacture the highest quality shelves, in order to enable customers to get the most considerate and satisfactory and most suitable warehousing equipment system services. Beijing Hua June Heng Sheng Storage shelves manufacturers.Shelves