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Structural Features Of Pallet Rack
- Aug 20, 2017 -

     Driven shelves, the type of shelf is the most widely used enterprise shelves, low cost, and simple structure, high practical value, particularly suitable for use in the beverage, tobacco industry. Press-type shelves, the pressure into the shelves are mainly at one end of the work, do not need to enter the aisle, such a storage speed is far better than the entry-type shelves, and the characteristics of the pressure-type shelves more suitable for more limited storage space use.Pallet Rack
     The design of the ballast rack is simple, the structure is stable, and there is no requirement for the storage personnel, which reduces the error. If its structure is unstable, it will certainly knock down the shelves when stored, causing a lot of trouble. Gravity-type shelves, gravity-type rear shelf space is relatively spacious, high utilization rate, suitable for uniform specifications of goods. Because there are on both sides of the shelves into the delivery port, so that can be convenient to use, and continuously supply of goods. Pallet Rack
     Shuttle shelves, shuttle shelves have a lot of storage shelves of the advantages of dense, compared to the requirements of the drive-by shelf, relative to the other shelf efficiency is high, and the scope of application is wider. The gravity-type shelves can realize the automatic transportation of goods, will solve the problem of dense problems, and can choose and access function according to the actual storage situation, such shelves are the best shelves in the enterprise and can improve the work efficiency.Pallet Rack
    Heavy-duty mobile shelves, heavy-duty mobile shelves can be stored continuously in the goods, and can be accessed arbitrarily, very suitable for storage density very high warehouse use, so as to facilitate customer access to goods. Pallet shelves to store modular pallet goods, with roadway stacker and other storage and transportation machinery for operations. High-rise shelves use the whole structure, usually by the steel plate welded shelves (with pallets), through the horizontal, vertical levers and beams and other components to join. The side clearance in the original location of the cargo parking accuracy, stacking machine parking accuracy, stacking machine and shelf installation accuracy, and so on; the width of the cargo support must be greater than the side clearance, lest the side of the cargo be in no support condition.Pallet Rack
   Pallet-type shelves are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, and other fields, not only applicable to a variety of small batches of goods, but also suitable for small varieties of large quantities of goods. Pallet racks are used most in high warehouses and in super high warehouses, and are divided into pallet shelves and gravity pallet racks.Pallet Rack