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Technology Application And Fabrication Of Mezzanine Rack Floor
- Oct 17, 2017 -

There are some plastic packaging boxes that can put down more than 10 pieces of chips at the same time, but the packaging materials are often thin, hard plastic, packaged products are very easy to damage in transit, and this packaging is used for more than 50mam dimeter wafer. There are few packaging boxes for small size wafers in the market, and occasionally some can accommodate a larger number of chip boxes, but it is easy to get a piece of it. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a small diameter, many sizes, large quantities of circular wafer packaging rack.Mezzanine Rack Floor

This sandwich rack for round wafer packaging includes: at least one interlayer, each interlayer comprises: a bearing layer located at the upper part, a dome located beneath the bearing layer, wherein the bearing layer comprises: A hard sponge frame located in the surrounding "field", dividing the space into multiple regions, and having a transverse strip of hard sponges in each area. The transverse section is crossed with the hard sponge lengthwise and inserted, and the space after inserting is the empty groove of the round wafer. The dome is provided with a barging. Hard sea cotton material refers to the sponge hardness of 46 55° full attack type sponge.Mezzanine Rack Floor

A sandwich frame used for circular wafer packaging, using hard sponge material as interlayer, the mezzanine-shaped rigid sponge frame divides the interlayer into four storage wafers, and the four regions are positioned in a fixed position and cannot be changed. Each area has several lines of slots, which are separated by a transverse section of the hard sponge, so each area can be divided into 3 columns or 4 slots. Under the interlayer, the position corresponding to four regions is provided with a dome with adjustable height. The mezzanine shelf can be a mezzanine, or it can be stacked into multiple clips.Mezzanine Rack Floor A dome located beneath the bearing layer that serves as the top cover of the next layer immediately below. The utility model has the advantages that the length of the slotted groove is adjustable, and suitable for storing the chip with different diameters in the groove, therefore, the same box can be used to store different specifications of the chip, the chip into the groove, a part of the groove outside, easy access, adjustable height of the dome, suitable for exposing the different heights of the chip, a large storage capacity per layer, convenient storage.Mezzanine Rack Floor