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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Pallet Rack
- Jun 06, 2017 -

    Loading the goods with a tray, such as stacking the tray directly, the following problems exist. The following are the same as the "

    (1) with a flat tray directly stacked, between the two plates and the bottom of the goods will be squeezed, and even cause damage to the goods, this stacking method can not be made first-in first out. The following are the same as the "

    (2) when the various trays loaded with different goods, only pendulum, can not stack, resulting in reduced storage capacity. The following are the same as the "

    (3) If the use of column tray or frame tray, although the stack can be, so that the goods are not squeezed, but the stacking can not be too high, too high too thick stability is poor, unsafe. The following are the same as the "

   Therefore, the use of tray-style shelves, each tray occupies a cargo, so to overcome the above problems. The higher pallet racks use palletized cranes to access the goods, and the lower pallet racks can be accessed by forklift trucks. Pallet rack can achieve mechanized loading and unloading operations, easy to single access, high utilization capacity, can improve labor productivity, to achieve efficient access operations, easy to achieve computer management and control. The following are the same as the "Pallet Rack

    The most common kind of tray shelf as shown above, its advantages are easy access, picking high efficiency. But this shelf storage density is low, need more channels. According to the access channel width can be divided into traditional channel, narrow channel and ultra-narrow channel. This type of shelf for the amount of goods in the amount of bulk storage of goods.Pallet Rack

    Usually below 6m, the number of layers to 3 to 5 layer is appropriate In addition, it can be arbitrarily adjusted combination, construction is simple, affordable, out of storage from the order of the impact of the general forklift can be used. When selecting a pallet rack, consider the size, quality and stacking dimensions of the storage unit in order to determine the dimensions of the pillars and beams. As shown above, the pallet rack is a general tray stacking method, and one crossbar holds two trays.Pallet Rack

    1. Tray-type shelf span, bearing high. Pallet rack span (length) is mainly determined by the size of the tray, the general layer of shelves can be placed two conventional tray. If the single tray carrying a particularly large (3 tons or more), each layer can only place a single tray.

2. Pallet rack structure is stable. Due to the high load requirements of the pallet type shelves, the stability of the pallet type shelves. There are also special requirements. The pallet rack foot must be installed to expand the screws to ensure the stability of the pallet rack.Pallet Rack

3. Pallet racks do not require laminates. In general, the tray-type shelf without laminates, just cross-beam can be installed on the beam, each tray generally installed two cross-beam. This can be the most cost savings.

4. Tray shelf number can be customized. The number of pallet racks can be determined by the height of the warehouse, the height of each pallet, and so on. The bottom can be without beams, the tray is placed directly with the ground.

5. Pallet rack utilization is high, access to flexible and convenient, supplemented by computer management or control, pallet racks can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics system