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The Difference Between The Cantilever Rack Frame And The Other
- Sep 07, 2017 -

      Cantilever racks, also known as cantilevered shelves, are an important part of the shelves. The cantilever rack is suitable for storing long material, ring type material, plate, pipe and irregular goods. Cantilever can be one-sided or double-sided, cantilever-type shelves with stable structure, load-carrying capacity, high spatial utilization characteristics. Cantilever rack Column adopts H-beam or cold-rolled steel, cantilever adopts square tube, cold-rolled section or H-beam, the cantilever and the column are connected by inserting or bolting, the base and the column are bolted, and the base is made of cold-rolled steel or H-section.Cantilever Rack
      Cantilever shelves have a single arm and arms of the division, efficient storage of wood, pipes, strips and other similar products. The cantilever shelf can be composed of a single column unit with a cantilever through a horizontal rod, a diagonal rod and other continuous unit system. Cantilever racking is an effective storage system in terms of quality, safety and management. The column is composed of column and base, and the column is made of two pieces of specially designed C-shaped steel, which makes full use of the loading capacity of the material and has the characteristics of large load and low cost. Column prefabricated double row hole, the pitch of the hole is 100mm, and the cantilever is connected with the column through the plate PIN, which can be adjusted up and down with 100mm as the pitch.Cantilever Rack
       Cantilever Racking: The use of special profile columns, with high-strength cantilever, suitable for storage of long, ring-shaped materials, plates and irregular materials. The cantilever can be one-sided or double-sided, with a light structure, load-carrying capacity of good features, single arm load up to 500kg. Specially strengthened column structure, can withstand 2000~3000kg pressure. Design back-pull to increase the overall stability of the shelves, easy installation, accessories complete. Cantilever Rack
      Combined structure, special profile column, design back-pull to increase the stability, with high-strength cantilever (arms can be single-sided or double-sided), with a lightweight structure, good load capacity, high space utilization; After adding shelves, especially suitable for small space, low level of the Treasury, easy to manage, wide field of vision, compared with pallet racks, higher utilization ratio According to carrying capacity can be divided into light cantilever rack, medium cantilever rack, heavy cantilever rack three kinds of shelves; suitable for long material, plate, ring type material and irregular goods storage.Cantilever Rack