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The Necessity Of Shelves And The Shrinkage Of Space
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Shelf use lifting shelves may be familiar to everyone, from the ancient Chinese Medicine store medicine cabinet to the modern various kinds of stores used in the store shelves, to large-scale warehouse in the steel or more advanced material made of the shelves, is familiar to people, but a deep layer into the professional point of view of the shelves, Probably not many people know.Shelves

When the cost and efficiency of these modern management concepts become the primary consideration of managers, how to effectively use warehouse space, how to improve the volume of storage, but also be put on an important position. Shelves

The focus of storage management is two directions, one is how to increase the effective use of storage space, the other is how to promote the flow of goods. Storage space of the goods, which is the storage space on the surface of this space, but in fact this space for the purchase and distribution of goods for the relay station, so the storage area has become the central hub of goods storage and transportation. Therefore, the effective use of storage space has become an important task for managers and logistics center operators to improve.ShelvesCantilever Racking is an ideal solution for storing bulky, fragmented or other special products. Cantilever shelves have a single arm and arms of the division, efficient storage of wood, pipes, strips and other similar products. The cantilever rack is mounted on the traditional racking pillar, which is a kind of long form special shelf.Shelves

Pallet trolley and other typical structure components, pallet truck has the characteristics of flow, the goods are stipulated in the end of the shelves in and out, and follow the advanced order. ShelvesThe forklift is located only at one end of the lower aisle level and does not require access to the shelf cargo storage channel. This kind of shelf has the characteristic of high storage density and fast transportation speed.Shelves