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The Related Technology Introduction Of Live Storage Rack
- Jun 30, 2017 -

     Used to fix the connectors, housings and equipment in a telecommunication cabinet. Usually 19 inches wide and 7 feet high. For the IT industry, it can be easily understood as the storage server cabinets. Standard racks are also known as "19" racks. The rack server looks not like a computer, but a switch, router, and so on. Rack-mounted servers are installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet. This structure is more of a functional server.Live Storage Rack
    Dell Rack servers For information service enterprises (such as ISP ICP IDC), when choosing a server, first consider the size of the server, power consumption, calorific value and other physical parameters, because information services enterprises usually use large-scale dedicated computer room to deploy and manage a large number of server resources, the computer room is usually equipped with strict security measures, good cooling system, multiple back-up power supply system, its room cost is quite expensive. How to deploy more servers in a limited space is directly related to the service cost of the enterprise, and usually the mechanical size is used to meet the 19-inch industrial standard rack-type server. Rack servers also have a variety of specifications, such as 1U (4.45cm high), 2U, 4U, 6U, 8U, and so on. Typically, 1U rack servers are the most space-efficient, but poor performance and scalability for some of the business's relatively fixed areas of use. 4U above product performance is high, scalability is good, generally support more than 4 high-performance processors and a large number of standard hot-swappable parts. Management is also very convenient, manufacturers usually provide people with the corresponding management and monitoring tools, suitable for large-scale access to the key applications, but large volume, space utilization is not high.Live Storage Rack
     A trolley used in an electronics factory to be responsible for the product in the factory and to be shipped back to the project. The vehicle has a grounding line, which is a type of static tram. More used for computer motherboards, video card manufacturing enterprises. 1, storage, the accumulation of money or things. "The case of the Qing Dynasty", "The Treasury": "The Department of the library empty, should be stored money." "The Qing Dynasty code, the warehouse yard Minister Necromancy": "Every year new Cao into the warehouse, the warehouse of the old storage of various kinds of rice is evenly divided, will be stored in a warehouse for a certain year, the number of beige, the advance of the record." "Lu Xun's letter set, to Li Xiaofeng": "The death of the old Times," the author of the family, is quite embarrassed, a few friends for the collection of storage, for children to read. "2, refers to the accumulation of money or things." Sandy "Doctor": "Even if I think of their own last, think of not much storage, he can also sigh and throw away." "3, storage is based on different application environment through the adoption of reasonable, safe, efficient way to save data to certain media and to ensure effective access, in general, can contain two aspects of meaning: on the one hand, it is the temporary or long-term presence of physical media, on the other hand, it is to ensure the integrity of the data stored in a safe manner or behavior.Live Storage Rack