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The Service Life Of The Performance Of The Cantilever Rack
- Nov 06, 2017 -

A cantilever crane is a cantilever crane consisting of a column and a cantilever that rotates in the base bearing, in relation to the vertical centerline, of a cantilevered jib which can be fixed on a pedestal, or is a cantilever and a rotating column.Cantilever Rack 

It is suitable for occasions with a small weight and a circular or fan-shaped service range. Generally used for machine tools, such as workpiece loading card and handling. Cylindrical cantilever cranes use ring chain electric hoist as hoisting mechanism and running mechanism less use wire rope electric hoist and hand pull gourd. Rotation and horizontal movement of the operation is more manual, only when the weight of the use of electric.Cantilever Rack

The whole machine has good performance and long service life: the shaft diameter is larger than the conventional is pump. The load-carrying capacity is significantly enhanced, and the reliability and stability of the operation are improved effectively, and the resin sand casting process is used, the flow path is more delicate and smooth, the appearance is smoother and smoother, the high-quality accessory (well-known brand seal, bearing), enhances the product overall grade.

Observe whether the steering of the motor is the same as that required by the pump. can be observed during motor start-up or shutdown.Cantilever Rack 

If the observation is not clear, it is difficult to determine the motor steering, can be in the motor operation, with a note inserted into the motor fan protective cover, see the note by the direction of the wind vane, you can know the motor steering. If you turn to the opposite, arbitrarily switch two power lines, you can change the steering. The maximum temperature of rolling bearings should not exceed 70 ℃. If there is no suitable temperature measuring instrument, can use the hand to touch the outer wall of the bearing seat, in order not to be hot. Touch time should not be too short, otherwise the hands will not feel the real temperature.Cantilever Rack

Smooth operation without noise, cooling lubrication system is normal. If the vibration is large, should stop check the coupling to find the right meet the requirements. When the coupling is not in line with the requirements, in addition to the vibration, will also make the coupling heating up.Cantilever Rack

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