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The Structural Performance Of The Pallet Rack
- Nov 06, 2017 -

The load quality of each pallet should be less than or equal to 2 tons. For safety in transit, the center of gravity of the cargo should not exceed two-thirds of the pallet width. According to the type of goods, the quality of the pallet and the size of the pallet, reasonably determine the way the goods are placed on pallets-the utilization rate of the pallet's bearing surface area should not be less than 80%.Pallet Rack 

Wood, paper and metal containers, such as hard straight side cargo single-layer or multi-layer staggered stacking, tensile or shrink packaging, paper or fiber-type goods single layer or multi-layer staggered, with banding ten-yu seal.Pallet Rack

Need to carry out moisture-proof, waterproof and other protection of paper products, textile goods single-layer or multi-layer staggered, tensile or shrink packaging or increase in angle support, cargo cover clapboard, etc. to strengthen the structure; the fixed way of pallet carrying cargo is mainly banding, gluing, stretching and packing, and can be used with each other.Pallet Rack 

The pallet carrying cargo after the fixed, still can not meet the transport requirements should be selected as necessary to protect the reinforcement attachment. Reinforced protective accessories are made of paper, wood, plastic, metal or other materials.Pallet Rack

With the promotion of environmental protection wave in the world, new materials and technology with environmental protection concept have been popularized and used in pallet production. And the use of new materials, the process of production of pallets in the market share of the increase in the trend of the year.Pallet Rack 

From the Tray Committee to grasp the situation, at present, the market can replace the wood pallet other materials, in accordance with the market share order for plastic pallets, metal trays, composite pallets. The production technology and application of plastic pallet and metal pallet are relatively mature.Pallet Rack