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The Use Range And Space Utilization Of The Cantilever Rack
- Sep 18, 2017 -

      Cantilever Shelf Application Range: Huizhou cantilever shelf for storage of long materials, ring-type materials, plates, tubes and irregular goods. Cantilever rack can be one-sided or double-sided, cantilever-type shelves with stable structure, load-carrying capacity, high spatial utilization characteristics.Cantilever Rack

Cantilever-type shelves are used in machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets. Add the shelf, especially suitable for small space, low level of the Treasury, easy to manage, wide field of vision, utilization ratio than ordinary shelves higher.Cantilever Rack

     Cantilever Shelf Advantages: Cantilever Racking Series all adopt modular, disassembly, transportation, adjustment, mobile and other simple and convenient, safe and reliable. Cantilever rack with adjustable column, according to the actual need to adjust the spacing between the clapboard and increase and decrease the clapboard Cantilever Rack

     Cantilever racking can fully improve the utilization of space, so that warehouse material management standardization, standardization, and stacker or forklift matching, not only improve material circulation efficiency, reduce storage and transportation costs, increase economic benefits, but also improve the mechanization level of material circulation, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions. The cantilever shelf length can be combined freely according to the site condition. Cantilever Shelf Disadvantages: cantilever racking of the ground requirements of the construction site high;     

    Cantilever racking is a high requirement for safe operation of workers, cantilever shelves can only store long materials and cantilever racking is relatively expensive.Cantilever Rack

     Cantilever Shelf is a category of storage shelves, the cantilever shelves using special profiles column, with High-strength cantilever, suitable for storing all kinds of long materials, ring-shaped materials, plates and irregular materials. Its forward cantilever can be one-sided or double-sided, with a light structure, load-carrying capacity of good features, 

single arm load up to 1000kg. Specially reinforced column structure, can withstand 2000~3000kg pressure. Design back-pull to increase the overall stability of the shelves, easy installation, accessories complete.Cantilever Rack

     Modular structure, special profile column, design back pull to increase stability, with high-strength cantilever (arms can be single-sided or double-sided), with lightweight structure, good load capacity, high space utilization; After adding shelves, cantilevered shelves are especially suitable for small space, low warehouse, convenient management, wide field of vision, compared with ordinary shelf shelves, Higher utilization rate, according to load capacity can be divided into lightweight, medium and weight type three kinds.Cantilever Rack