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Types Of Warehouse Supporting Equipments
- Aug 11, 2017 -

           The equipment used in the warehousing work can be divided into handling equipment, storage equipment, metering equipment, maintenance inspection equipment, ventilation lighting equipment, fire safety equipment, labor protection equipment and other use equipment and tools according to its use and characteristics. In the specific management of warehouse equipment, the proper classification should be made according to the size of the warehouse.Warehouse Supporting Equipments

           The loading and unloading equipment is used for the goods in and out of the storehouse, the storehouse yard and the double stack work. This kind of equipment plays an important role in improving the storage management, reducing the labor intensity and improving the efficiency of receiving and delivering goods. At present, the handling equipment used in the warehouse of our country can be divided into three kinds: ⒈ loading and unloading stacking equipment. Including: Bridge Crane, Tyre crane, Gantry crane, forklift, stacking machine, pulley, springboard and skateboard and so on. ⒉ transporting and conveying equipment. Including: level handling vehicle, belt conveyor, elevator and trolley, etc. ⒊ into group handling tools. Including: pallet, network and so on.Warehouse Supporting Equipments

           Guarantee equipment is used to protect the quality of storage goods. Mainly can be summed up into the following: ⒈ cover Mat Supplies: To cover the rain and moisture, ventilation and other functions. Including: $xmlesc (tarpaulin, plastic sheeting, etc.), covering seats, sleepers, Shi and so on. $xmlesc, the mat is used in the open yard. ⒉ Inventory appliances: Including various types of shelves, cargo cabinets. Shelf: An open frame for storing goods. According to the layout in the warehouse is different. The shelf can adopt the combination or the whole welding type two, the overall manufacture cost is higher, does not facilitate the shelf change. Therefore, it is less used. Shelves in the wholesale, retail volume of large warehouses, especially the three-dimensional warehouse play a big role. It facilitates the entry and exit of goods, but also improve the utilization of storage capacity. Cargo cabinet: A closed frame for storing goods. Used primarily for storing goods that are more expensive or require special maintenance.Warehouse Supporting Equipments