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Warehouse Supporting Equipments The Role Of
- May 18, 2017 -

What is the function of warehouse supporting equipment?

Warehouse Supporting Equipments The equipment used in the warehousing work can be classified into loading and unloading equipment, custody equipment, metering equipment, maintenance inspection equipment, ventilation lighting equipment, fire safety equipment, labor protection equipment and other use equipment and tools, according to its use and characteristics. In the warehouse equipment, the specific management, should be based on the size of the warehouse appropriate classification.

(1) Warehouse Supporting Equipments Handling equipment

Loading and unloading equipment is used for merchandise access to the library, in the heap code and over the stack operation. This kind of equipment has important role to improve warehousing management, relieve labor intensity and improve the efficiency of receiving and dispatching.

Currently, the handling and handling equipment used in China's warehouses are usually classified into three categories:

1, handling stacking equipment. Includes: Bridge crane, Tire crane, Gantry crane, forklift truck, stacker, pulley, springboard and skateboard.

2, transporting transmission equipment. Includes: level handling trucks, belt conveyors, elevators and trolleys.

3. Group handling tools. Includes: pallet, network, etc.

(ii) Warehouse Supporting Equipments Custody equipment

Guaranteeing equipment is the equipment used to protect the quality of warehousing goods. The main can be summarized into the following:

The cover mat supplies: The shelter rainwater and the insulation, ventilation and so on. Including: sheet (tarpaulin, plastic sheeting, etc.), the thatch seats, sleepers, Shi Tiao and so on. Sheet and thatch seats are used in the open-air yard.

Inventory appliances: Including various types of shelves, cargo cabinets.

Shelf: The open frame for storing goods. According to the layout of the warehouse in different ways. Shelves can be used in combination or integral welded two types, the overall manufacturing costs are higher, not easy to change the shelf portfolio. therefore less used. Shelves in the wholesale, retail volume of large warehouses, in particular the three-dimensional warehouse plays a significant role. It facilitates the entry and exit of goods and improves the utilization of warehouse volume.

Cargo cabinet: The enclosed frame of the cargo. Mainly used for storing more expensive or special maintenance products.

(c) Warehouse Supporting Equipments Metering equipment:

Metering equipment is used in the goods in and out of the measurement, points, as well as the storage period of inventory, inspection and so on. such as: Loadometer, orbital scales, electronic scales, electronic registers, flow meters, belt scales, scales and more primitive scales, tape, and so on. With the improvement of the modernized level of warehousing management, the modernized automatic metering equipment will be applied more.

(iv) Warehouse Supporting Equipments Maintenance testing equipment:

Maintenance inspection equipment refers to the goods into the warehouse acceptance and custody in the library test, testing and prevention of merchandise deterioration, failure of the machinery and apparatus. such as: Temperature meter, tide meter, suction device, drying box, wind curtain (set at the door of the library, in order to separate internal and external temperature difference), air conditioner, commodity quality testing equipment. In larger warehouses such equipment use more.

(v) Warehouse Supporting Equipments Ventilation and warm lighting equipment:

Ventilation and warm lighting equipment is based on the storage and storage of merchandise needs.

(6) Warehouse Supporting Equipments Fire safety equipment:

Fire safety equipment is indispensable for warehouse. It includes: alarms, fire trucks, manual pumps, water cannons, fire source, sand box, fire ladder and so on.

(vii) Warehouse Supporting Equipments Labor protection supplies:

Labor protection is mainly used to ensure the safety of staff in the warehouse.