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What Is The Pallet Rack?
- May 18, 2017 -

Pallet Rack Tray rack is widely used in the Network Business Logistics Center, manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, and other fields, not only for many varieties of small quantities of goods, but also for a few varieties of large quantities of goods. Pallet racks are used in high-order warehouses and ultra high-level warehouses, and are divided into pallet shelves and gravity pallet shelves.

Pallet Rack Tray rack and also commonly known as cross-beam shelf, usually heavy-duty shelves, in the domestic logistics warehousing system is the most common. Not only applicable to many varieties of small quantities of goods, but also applicable to a few varieties of large quantities of goods. This kind of mobile shelf in the stereoscopic warehouse and the ultra high storage application most, the automatic stereoscopic warehouse shelves mostly uses the pallet rack.

Pallet Rack Tray Rack is currently used in a free combination, easy to dismantle and move, can be pushed by goods by the height of the code, arbitrary adjustment of the beam position, this mobile shelf can be called adjustable pallet shelves.

Tray Rack Unit shelf life span generally within 5m, the depth within 1.5m, low, high-level warehouse shelves in general in 12m within the height of the high-altitude warehouse shelves in the general in 30m, ultra high-level warehouse because its characteristics are basically automated warehouses, such warehouses are demanding tray rack.

Pallet Rack Tray Rack Weakness: storage density is low, need more roadway. Usually use 3-5 floors, shelf height is limited, generally below 10 meters. Tray Rack Advantages are: High utilization, access to flexible and convenient, is the most common, economical, security of a shelf, selective up to 100%, applicable to various types of warehouses. 

Pallet Rack Also can form a variety of storage methods, high space utilization, bearing capacity, strong stability, can be used according to user actual situation, design a series of different specifications, the most commonly used shelves in various industries