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Steel Pallet Rack Shelving As Required With High Precision And Huge Loading

Pallet rack is keep pallets to each SKU. Every marterials,goods,articles are put on the pallets. When moves out or into the warehouse it often picked by forklift machine. This is a common and general rack type with max. loading capacity up to 4500kgs per level

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Product Details


Pallet rack is consist of frame and beam.

Vertical residual<=1mm /1000 mm,

Beams load deflection<=1/200 mm

1, upright
Material: cold rolled steel coil.
It can be adjusted by pitch 75 mm .
Spec. :80/90/100/120/140

2, horizontal bracing ( for frame)

3, diagontal bracing ( for frame)

4, upright guard
5, seat pad ( for horizontal and diagontal bracing)

6, safety pin ( limited funcation )

7, pallet support

8, box beam

9, upright and beam section
upright    80mm、90mm、100mm、120mm
Box beam    80mm、100mm、110mm、120mm、140mm

10, Steel code the material be used in rack&shelf   
Q195-235    Cold roll section steel    205    120    310

11, Welding intensity index:(JB/T5323—91, N/ mm2)

12, surface treatment and color coated
technological process:
(1)cold rolled steel
derosination→washing →surface conditioning→washing→phosphorization→High pressure washing
(2)hot rolled steel
No oil state:Acid washing→ washing →surface conditioning→washing→
phosphorization→high pressure washing
Oil state:Acid washing→washing → derosination→washing→neutralization→
surface conditioning→phosphorization→high pressure washing
surface treatment adopt epoxy all-weather polyester foaming with ISO9000 quality control system
the surface is bright and clean